Design Tools for Vehicle Wraps – Better, Faster Design

Design Tools for Vehicle Wraps – Better, Faster Design

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, FlexiSIGN, Corel, SignLAB…all these programs are being used for vehicle wrap design, but is there one that is the best answer? And what about low resolution images that are just inches in size that must now be enlarged to several feet? How do you handle the pixel issues? What about spot colors and matching brand color logos? In addition, what is the best workflow from design to print? These questions and more will be answered in our one-hour long presentation about using the best design tools for vehicle wraps. We will discuss paneling, vehicle templates, Adobe plugins, Print & Cut techniques and much more that will assist anyone attending in setting up a better, faster workflow for vehicle wrap design! We’ll even have video from a real vehicle wrap shop! Don’t miss this one!

1-Hour Recorded Seminar Replay $9.95

Watch this entire 1-hr. long seminar as see how these tools will transform your designing of vehicle wraps!

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