Awesome Deal: Learn Flexi in Just 3-Hrs for Only $49

Awesome Deal: Learn Flexi in Just 3-Hrs for Only $49

Get Flexi Training From The Worlds Expert

  • Not much time to learn Flexi?
  • Printer not printing what you see on your monitor?
  • Need to get up to speed with Flexi quickly?

You are not alone. Many users have Flexi in their shop, but few have been given the right kind of training to use it properly. Here is your chance to learn from an expert.

I’m Mark Rugen, and I’ve spent that last 35 years teaching companies and individuals how to use Flexi the right way! In this course, I’m not going to spend time on every feature, just those that I think are essential and can have an impact on your workflow right away.

If you are a designer, a production manager or even the owner of a shop worried about employees coming and going, then this course is great for you. It can teach you to use Flexi right now, and if needed you can use it later for others in your shop!

Once you purchase this training or the full flexi training course, you can view it 24/7 365. Yep, anytime, in any browser! You will have access to the course any time you want to use it.

Here is a short video I did some years ago about vectorizing in Flexi. This will give you a tatse of what to expect in this short course.

Make no mistake, there are tips & techniques found in this course that you won’t find on YouTube or anywhere else!

As my way of saying thank-you, if you purchase this course, I’ll double its value and give that back to you as a credit if you decide to take the full flexi course with over 16 hours of training! You’ll get the discount code in the course after you sign up.

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