What to do if you need some training.

Need a little help with your shop? Software? Hardware? More? We can help.

Use these links to get a little help and when your are ready for some personal attention, just contact us and tell us what you are looking for!

http://givemehelp.pivotshare.com   A collection  of videos on all topics wide format!








http://www.youtube.com/markrugen  My YouTube page with a bunch of learning stuff.

Order a FlexiSIGN Training DVD

The training sessions are broken down into several sections:

  • Introduction (6 videos)
  • Fundamentals (23 videos)
  • Intermediate (10 videos)
  • Advanced (17 videos)
  • Production Manager Topics (3 videos)
  • Color Management Topics (6 videos)
  • Third-Party Programs (4 videos)
  • Bonus Topics (6 videos)

A partial list of lessons available include:

  • Text Basics
  • Outlines & Shadows
  • Importing
  • Scanning, Bitmaps
  • Bitmap Tracing
  • Vinyl Cutting
  • Printing
  • Contour Cutting
  • Lenses
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • And much more!

Our Flexi 12 with Cloud Training offers a simplified approach to cutting edge technology.


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