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Graphic-Tracer-94f67fe14b5851270ce4c75cd5692e2dfafbd90a6790e40fc04b2cf7b12ebae6Getting scanned or imported logos into shape can be a hassle. Most people working with graphics agree that poor quality, low-res images will result in unprofessional finished products no matter which tracing program you use. For many, the only option to get good looking graphics was to redraw everything manually.

Graphic Tracer can restore graphics in minutes and make them look perfect!

GT-1 2

Want a free demo copy to play with? Want to save money on your purchase? This software sells for $120 but if you use the link from this email it’s only $99 and you can still get a demo! Check it out.

Find out more about Graphic Tracer

Find Fonts the Easy Way! Quit uploading images, find your font in less than a minute!

Designers are often faced with the task of identifying the font of text in a printed or a digital image. This can be a very time consuming and error prone task especially when the designer’s computer contains a few hundreds or thousands of fonts.

‘Find my Font’ is an easy to use software application that runs on your computer and identifies the fonts of a given bitmap image. It searches both our online font database and the fonts on your computer and compares them against the letters of your digital image.
You are provided with a list of matching (and similar) fonts along with the matching accuracy for each one. You may also type text and see how well the matching went (font preview).

It’s ideal for graphic designers and creative professionals who would otherwise spend hours trying to find a matching font.

Product Features

Friendly and Very easy to use

      Friendly and Very easy to use

Font Matching Video :: A short introduction to Font Matching using the 'Find my Font' program

‘Find my Font’ has been designed to make your life easier. It will help you identify a font in seconds and will do it easily and intuitively.
No difficult program to master, no complex parameters, no hidden features. Every functionality is easy to understand and works as expected.

‘Find my Font’ was developed with the graphic designer in mind who doesn’t want to spend hours (or even minutes) looking for a matching font.
Also ideal for signmakers, desktop publishers, font developers, vector creation artists etc.

match local fonts

      Match fonts Online* and on your Computer

‘Find my Font’ will identify fonts from two sources at the same time. From a huge online database and from your computer. The online server will report in a few seconds the matching fonts and similar ones. At the same time the program will look on your computer for matching fonts. The fonts can either be installed on your computer or they can be stored in one or more folders on your computer or network.

You can setup FontSets to instruct ‘Find my Font’ to look at specific places on your computer. FontSets may be indexed in order to speed up the matching process.

* Online font matching requires an internet connection.

All font formats

      All Major font formats supported

‘Find my Font’ can read all major font formats for both Mac and Windows Operating systems.

These include TrueType, OpenType, Type 1 postscript both as stand alone and in suitcases.

lightning speed font matching

      Font matching at lightning speed

The latest version of ‘Find my Font’ achieves incredible matching speeds. Thanks to our new proprietary indexing algorithm the application is able to search of up to 5 million fonts per minute.

At these speeds font matching is almost instantaneous.

lightning speed font matching

      Font Browsing by similarity

Font Browsing video :: A demonstration of font browsing and identifying similar fonts using the 'Find my Font' program

Type any word and browse all fonts whose names contain that word.

Select any font and browse all fonts that look similar and go through their previews.

Very useful for finding duplicate fonts and for designers who like to think outside the box.

smart letter selection

Smart letter selection

‘Find my Font’ allows you to select any letter in your scanned image no matter how complex the text is.

Special functionality assists you in selecting multipart letters as well as letters that blend in the background.

image correction tools

Image correction tools

For those images that have skewed text, text in an arc or even deformed text, a special set of easy to use tools is available to help you correct the image and select the letters to match easily.

match script letters

Isolate script letters

Advanced Font Identification Video :: An advanced demonstration of font identification using the 'Find my Font' program

If your scanned image contains script text with connected letters, ‘Find my Font’ includes a special tool that allows you to break the text and select the letters you need for matching.

multi-font set match

Support for multiple code pages

‘Find my Font’ can search for any Unicode character in your fonts. The image can contain letters in one or more languages.

install matching font

Install matched font

Once you find the matching font you can install it on your computer with a click of a button and start using it immediately.

If the font is identified online, you are taken to a special page with details about the font and instructions on how to download it.

‘Find my Font’ also allows you to preview any text for any matched font even if it’s not installed or located on your computer.


Extended help / support

‘Find my Font’ comes with easy to use documentation including Help, How-To Guides and Tutorials.

In addition users may access the online community forum to find answers to common questions or request additional assistance.

Hello Hola

Multi language interface

You may switch the language of the interface (menus, daily tips etc) between English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and Greek.

Advantage Sign and Graphic Solutions SCAAdvantage Sign & Graphic Supply will host a FlexiLIVE Tour event in Hudsonville, MI. These events can sellout within a week, so if you are going to attend, you should sign up right now!


May 22, 2017

Grand Rapids Branch (800) 522-3698
4182 Royal Court
Hudsonville, MI 49426

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

This is not a boring PowerPoint session, rather it is a learning session with the latest version of Flexi! We not only teach but show you real shop examples! This seminar is great for ANY version of Flexi and ANY level of user. Hundreds of former students will tell you, this is the best training you will ever have!

  • Understand how to use smart objects when designing and why.
  • See how to layout text for greater message impact.
  • Vectorize low resolution artwork and then enlarge to any size you need.
  • Match your monitor colors to your print.
  • See how we convert a 5×7 100ppi image to a 10 FT clear image for printing.
  • Find out how to add contour cut lines with ease.
  • Learn how to print from ANY software right to Production Manager.
  • Find out more about how to use the cloud features of Flexi.
  • Understand how to handle import and export issues.
  • Setup Flexi so you can print right from Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel and more.
  • Add grommet hole makers, fold lines and bleeds to your banners.
  • Send your work to a customer for comments or approval using the Artwork Approval tool.
  • Nest contour cut jobs.
  • When to use Production Manager rather than Flexi.
  • Add effective Adobe PS Plugins into Flexi.
  • See how to create beveled letters and other effects with Flexi.

This is a no nonsense seminar built around using Flexi in your shop! Great for any version of Flexi but also wonderful for designers who use Adobe Products or other design software!

Here’s what past students have said about this class:

“Mark truly understands the program from the inside out. He explains efficiently the strengths of the program along with its limitations.” Jeff Fredwich – SIGNARAMA Willow Grove

“Learned a lot that I thought I already knew.” Akhay Putri – Avery Dennison

“Best software training class I have EVER attended!” – Adrienne Latiolias, AWA Printing

“Mark explains things in an easy to understand way for beginners!” Josh Munn, Munn Enterprises, Inc.

“The class was great! I came in not really knowing anything about Flexi, but after the class, I now feel confident in my abilities to use the program to make high quality product.” Melanie Cooley, Magnolia Decal & Graphics

“Great training course! Any new to advanced users should attend.” Jeremy Carter, Munn Enterprises

“Mark is the best instructor for Flexi!” – Mark Bourg, A+ Signs

Advantage would also like to offer you these special deals:

Advantage’s ATS technician team offers on-site Color Management training classes in 3 different levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. The promotion we are offering is a certain amount off each class level:

Advantage Sign and Graphic Solutions SCA


May 22, 2017

Grand Rapids Branch (800) 522-3698
4182 Royal Court
Hudsonville, MI 49426

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

So, what are you waiting for, sign up now, seating is very limited and as I stated, we sell out most locations!

Click Here to Sign Up: